FPL Tips – Top 5 Goalkeepers To Pick

With just one day to go for the new season, FPL managers will be busy assembling their squads and balancing between budget options and big name players ahead of the big Premier League Friday Night kick-off on 11 August.

Everyone loves a bit of FPL, but it is not always easy to get your selections right, which is why over the next few hours we will bring you the top 5 players to pick from each position which will help you to beat your friends in private and public leagues. Yes, just like we did last season and the season before that. In this article, we have a look at the position between the sticks.

Goalkeepers are often overlooked in FPL as the points they earn is limited and uninspired compared to the other three positions. Despite the fact that they are extremely productive, owning the right keeper or a set of keepers, could be the difference on any given gameweek. There are two alternatives over here – you can pick a top keeper from one of the top four or five teams, or you can pick two keepers from the lesser sides and rotate them based on their matches.

The value in the first option lies in its simplicity and is preferred by the majority of FPL managers. No need for a backup on your bench and more chances of clean sheets. However, the downside is that the opposition will have less possession in the attacking third, meaning, fewer shots on goal and fewer saves for the keeper to make. If you are unable to pick a premium keeper, then the rotation strategy, if implemented thoughtfully, can produce solid results. But this option can be costly, especially towards the latter part of the season when the prices of the players increase according to their performances.

Here, we have a look at the top 5 goalkeepers to pick in your FPL squad this season. If you haven’t yet registered then you can do so over here and don’t forget to join our private league. The code is 1129890-271257.

Five to avoid…

Jonas Lossl (Huddersfield, £4.5m), Jordan Pickford (Everton, £5.0m), Tom Heaton (Burnley, £5.0m), Petr Cech (Arsenal, £5.5m), Ederson (Man City, £5.5m).

Other notable mentions…

Joe Hart (West Ham, £4.5m), Asmir Begovic (Bournemouth, £4.5m), Simon Mignolet (Liverpool, £5.0m), Thibaut Courtois (Chelsea, £5.5m), Ben Foster (West Brom, £4.5m).

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Price – £4.5m. Selected by – 1.9%. FPL points last season – 113.

In recent seasons, Vicarage Road has not been a place for continuity but one constant has been the presence of the gum shielded Heurelho Gomes guarding the posts. The Brazilian has reinvented himself at Watford after becoming a laughing stock at Spurs and has picked up an average of 135 points in the last two years. If you are debating why to pick Gomes, his penalty saving record might up your mind. Over the past two seasons, he has saved four penalties (out of 12 faced), which in FPL terms would give you 20 points. Priced at just 4.5m and picked up by just 1.9%, he could turn out to be a shrewd buy.

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